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Sunday, September 21, 2014  

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DIY Freight can save you money if you are able to package your own large item for shipping. The best method for freight shipping is secure your item in a wood crate or similar protective packaging. Although freight carriers do their best to handle crates and packages with care, they are being shipped across the globe and can slide around while in the back of large freight trucks.

Depending on what you are shipping, here are some helpful ideas and resources for finding crates and other materials for getting your large items ready to for freight shipping.

Motorcycle Shipping

If you are shipping a motorcycle, you can often find a crate for free at a motorcycle dealership. Find a dealership near you that sells motorcycles similar to yours, and they will often have crates that you can take for free that they would otherwise be disposing.

ATV Shipping

You can also often get free crates for shipping ATVs from ATV dealers. If you are shipping an ATV, find a dealership near you selling ATVs similar to yours, and they may have a crate that you can take for free that they would otherwise be disposing.

Furniture Shipping

Crates for furniture aren't usually as accessible, but it never hurts to look. Furniture is often crated in an open crate or with just a lot of bubble wrap. is a great source for purchasing bubble wrap, packaging materials, and even crates.

Large Item Shipping

Securing your item in a wood crate is one of the safest ways to ensure your large item won't be damaged during shipping. Look in your local directory for the nearest shipping supplies store. is a great source for materials if you want to purchase online. You can also search for shipping supply companies the popular directory. There are also companies like Handle with Care Packaging that will custom make a crate for you and ship you the crate.

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